Michelle Goulet

A Captured and Conditioned Ghoul Bound to Eve Duchaud Now She Belongs to Archbishop Tobias


Name: Michelle Goulet
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Quebec City By Night
Nature: Caregiver
Demeanor: Autocrat
Concept Concierge at Hotel Frontenac
Domitor: Tobias Smith
Duties: Domain Maintenance
Type: Vassal
Blood Bond: Eve DuChaud


Michelle Goulet is an older ghoul; though she appears to be only in her late 20’s. Originally she was ghouled by Minuette or Ming-Na to protect her and run interference at the Chateau De Frontenac. She held this highly esteemed post for over five decades. Michelle Goulet was ghouled in the late fifties which makes her over eighty years old.

When Minuette was destroyed by the late Prince Isabelle, Eve DuChaud , still a fledgling and Minuette’s childe, inherited Minuette’s many retainers and her domain. When Eve DuChaaud fled Quebec City for St. John New Brunswick, she asked Michelle to hold down the fort, or in this case, the chateau in order to spy on Sabbat activity there. She was instructed to sabotage the Sabbat in any way possible, but, unfortunately, she was found out and she was caught. Though she is blood bound to Eve-she now receives vitae from the Archbishop himself, Tobias Smith, and has been so thoroughly conditioned by Tobias, that only the sight and taste of her true domitor’s vitae could it be possible to remove her from the Archbishop’s control.

Michelle Goulet

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