Lilly Baker-Smith

A not so innocent girl who has no respect for the living-or the dead.


* December 25th, 2010. Married to Archbishop Tobias. I love you my Dark Prince.*

Name: Lilly Baker-Smith
Chronicle: Quebec City By Night
Nature: Sociopath
Demeanor: Chameleon
Concept: Sociopath
Clan: Lasombra
Generation: 7th up from 11th via diablerie
Sire: Tabitha Fisk

Age: 47
Apparent Age: 17
Date of Birth: 10-31-1964
RIP- 1982
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: German/American
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 116lbs
Sex: Female


Lilly has no care for human life-or un-dead life for that matter… She was locked up in a Psychiatric hospital in Detroit when she was very young and forgotten.. Her brother was the only one who would visit her-until she killed him.

Lilly grew up in a upper class family in Grosse Pointe, Detroit. She was a spoiled rich girl who was a little bit wrong-Her father was a German Engineer who came over from Germany to work on car designs in Detroit, her mother was a stay at home mom/house wife who just couldn`t handle the twisted ways of her daughter. They tried private schools, camps, or whatever else they could find-but all those places required her parents to be “involved” and they just didn`t want to be.
They paid for her to be locked up in the Lafayette Psychiatric Hospital after she was assessed as psychopathic in downtown Detroit with the best care possible. After only a short time they stopped visiting-forgetting about her and moving on with their life, though they kept adding money into an account for her (probably so they could live with their choice to lock her up and throw away the key, and also so they could sleep at night) Her Brother Henry Baker stayed by her side, when he could. He was always there for visiting hours unless Lilly had acted up and was in lock down-which happened pretty frequently. She didn`t handle being controlled well, she would often corrupt the other patients to do things for her, or to act up so the staff would be occupied with them and leave her alone to do what she wanted.
She always looked forward to seeing her brother though, they would just talk about their shitty parents, he would inform her of what stupid ideas they had, what their mother just HAD to have and buy, how much money was in Lilly`s account, how one day he would get her out of there and they would run away together.

One evening she had a new visitor, Tabitha Fisk for some odd reason she was able to visit her in a private room, without supervised staff walking around and peeping in on their conversations, which is how it was with her brother…. Lilly thought this was odd but went with it, HELL getting away from the annoyance of staff looking over your shoulder even for a short time would be worth whatever this person had to say.
She had no idea that she would never see the ward again- Tabitha brought her into the basement where she embraced her, left her with her number-and took off.. Lilly was going crazy with hunger-Hoping staff or someone would show up- she waited, pacing the room, feeling as though she was loosing control more and more as time went on…
Unfortunately her brother found her, he heard that she had a visitor and had left to an interview type room-he went looking for her and what he found was not the sister that he remembered… Fueled by hunger and not being able to control herself she leapt onto Henry and ripped open his throat-draining him. Once full she pulled herself away-she knelt over his body-she couldn`t believe what she had done, she had killed the one person who cared enough to stick with her, she couldn`t help but be saddened that she would never see him again, or so she thought….
She lost the one thing she actually loved, this was the end of what humanity she had left and her downward spiral to being a true sociopath had began.

She fell asleep shortly after that, the hospital staff were horrified at what they found, they took Lilly and Henry`s bodies to the morgue were paperwork was filed- “Psychiatric patient was deeply disturbed, gets loose and kills sibling” That evening Tabitha gets into the morgue and takes Lilly with her…..

Once Lilly woke up Tabitha explained to her everything that she needed to know, introduced her to fellow Sabbat and told her what plans she had for her, and set her loose to tie up loose ends once Lilly received the proper training in disciplines…. Lilly visited her parents, practicing her dominate on them-she had them sign a will-she will inherit everything and they will continue to put money in an account for her or they would have the same fate as Henry, they would also gift her their home-and a car…. She couldn`t believe that she could control them like this, she let them live… for now.

Lilly used her skills to manipulate her way through life, made her way into the camarilla as a spy-did everything Tabitha asked of her. after some time passed she would leave Detroit and make her way to Montreal

Before leaving Detroit though she went to see her parents one more time…. She convinced them to kill themselves, and she watched them do it-she had them leaving a note that everything would be left to her… The house, cars, money, everything.true revenge

Once arriving in Montreal she met with Tobias who saw something great in her, he took her on and he became her mentor…She would soon be more powerful then before-never letting anyone tell her what to do again..


Lilly Baker-Smith

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