Jeanne DuCoeur

Ventrue Anti-tribu and Ductus of the Neomads


Name: Jeanne DuCoeur
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Quebec City
Nature: Architecht
Demeanor: Praise-Seeker
Concept: New Ductus
Clan: Ventrue Anti-Tribu
Generation: 11th up from 12th via diablerie
Sire: Marie-Helene Dutoit

Apparent Age:27
Embrace: July 2010
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 120
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: Quebequoise
Sex: Female


Jeanne DuCoeur was born and spent her childhood in the Gaspe region of quebec. Up until her adolescence she spoke only French. But once she went to high school, she began to learn English-much to the chagrin of her family, but Jeanne, a pragmatist decided that her academic future depended on her becoming bilingual.

Jeanne was intelligent and driven and did well in school. She received a scholarship to the Universite de Montreal where she became an impassioned nationalist. She began dating Jean-Paul also a nationalist,and activist. Msrc Levine was a mutual friend of the both of them.

The three of them began Le Front de Liberation de Quebec (F.L.Q.) which actively recruited Quebequoise students throughout the campuses of Montreal. Jeanne was thrilled that she received a sizable anonymous contribution, and the checks continued to arrive with regularity. The financial backing went toward recruitment, and lobbying the Quebequoise government toward breaking away from Canada.

Eventually their anonymous donor invited them to dinner at one of the finest restaurants in Montreal. The dinner was fabulous, and Marie Helene Dutoit was an engaging and knowledgeable dinner hostess, though she ate no food herself claiming that she had a particular diet which prevented her dining with them. Though Marie=Helene was rather plain to look at she was beautifully dressed. For some reason after dinner, and the wine, both Jean=Paul and Jeanne found Marie-Helene the most facinating and interesting person they had ever met. Marie-Helene began to flirt with them both, and when she suggested to continue their delightful conversation upstairs in her room, they redily agreed.

Jeanne doesn’t remember who initiated the menage a trois, but the three fell into bed with a frenzy of love making. She wasn’t sure, at the time, she actually saw it, but she watched Marie- Helene drink the blood from Jean-Paul and saw her fangs descend. It was later that they found out Marie-Helene was a vampire, and she demanded their silence. They became part of her herd, and they would report to her once a week to update her on the doings of the F.L.Q. Sometimes they would meet her individually-sometimes together. They served as her herd for the two years that she was in graduate school and F.L.Q. grew in both membership and political influence. They managed to put on the ballot in 2008 the referendum of Quebec seperation.

Jeanne wished ardently for the Embrace, and finally Marie-Helene agreed, and Embraced her in 2010, and Marie-Helene set up her friend Marc Levine as her first victim, and asked her if she thought being a vampire so wonderful, while Marie-Helene drained her boy friend Jean=Paul. Jeanne accepted the consequences of her decision for she was now immortal, and if the truth be known that after six long years, she was growing tired of him.

Her sire Marie-Helene has insisted that she learn to be a Cainanite the traditional way, joining a pack to become True Sabbat on the field of battle and working her way with both deeds and reputation into an eventual leadership role which she seems destined to one day fullfill. Instead of the Lost Angels Coven which is Marie-Helene’s coven, Marie-Helene has sent Jean DuCoeur to the Neomads pack to take part in the crusade for Quebec City and in part, to make political contacts in Quebec’s capital to effectuate the ballot measure for Quebec seperation as Marie-Helene has made little head way with the Cainanites in Montreal. She believes that Jeanne will recieve a more sympathetic ear in Quebec City among the Camarilla. Jeanne understands that this will be viewedas possible treason among her Sabbat comrades,but Jeanne will sacrifice much to see the F.L.Q. successful in its ultimate goals.

Of course all the grand plsns and schemes went out the window during the Sabbat crusade against Quebec City-survival became much more jmportant. It left little room for politics; however, Jeanne DuCoeur was able to win the title of True Sabbat. Maybe with the capital securely in Sabbat hands she can resumer her political work.

Roleplaying Hints: Jeanne is a passionate woman, and a passionate vampire. She could easily be mistaken for a Brujah. She will volunteer for dangerous missions, and she has a certain confidence in her demeanor that many believe that she will be tapped for a leadership position.

Jeanne DeCoeur was always a pretty girl, but it seems the Embrace has made her more so. Jeanne stands about 5’ 6" tall with long thick brown hair which reaches her mid-back. She is slender and rather pale with blue eyes and red lips. She dresses well, classically

Jeanne DuCoeur

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