David Loupon-The Wolf

Childe of Jeanne Ducoeur-Leader of the Cult Motorcycle Club



Name: David Loupon-The Wolf
Player: NPC
Chronicle: Quebec City By Night
Nature: Director
Demeanor: Bravo
Concept: Motorcycle Gang Leader
Clan: Ventrue
Sire: Jeanne DuCoeur


David Loupon was born in La Vis across the river from Quebec City in a commune by a midwife. David’s parents were hippies from Montreal who had their son ten years after the summer of love, but they were the back to nature types, so David spent his earliest years on a small farm running wild. The commune would fall apart in the early 80’s and David’s parents moved to Quebec City.

David who had little structure growing up, had a difficult time behaving at school. David sought out trouble and usually found it. David’s parents continued to have a laissez-faire approach to parenting, so it was no surprise when David would be sent home multiple times until in high school he was finally expelled and sent to Juvenile detention. There he was taught a trade-small engine repair and in class they built a motorcycle from the ground up. David loved it and knew exactly what he wanted to do when he got out.

David was able to finish school in detention, and he was released as an adult. He obtained a job as a motorcycle mechanic at a garage in La Lorette Ancienne. This particular garage was attached to The Cult Motorcycle Club which had been established in the late 60’s. The leader of the Cult MC had been Bernard Rochelle since the late 80’s and also a ghoul of Devon Gilbert. Both Devon Gilbert and his ghoul Bernard Rochelle were killed by the Sabbat.

In the intervening years when David was able to buy his own bike and join the cult at first as a prospect and later as a full member, he quickly went up the ranks and became lieutenant to Bernard Rochelle. After some challenges to his leadership after Rochell was killed, David Loupon became the leader of the Cult Motorcycle Club since September of 2010.

The members of Cult continued to hang out at Cabaret Folichon. Some of the guys had girlfriends there, and no body seemed to mind that they provided an informal form of security and protection to the place and were mostly well-behaved.

It was the new secret manager of Cabaret Folichon, Jeanne DuCoeur who took notice of David, the Wolf Loupon, and began talking to him. David was gratified by her attention, but he had the feeling he was being interviewed for something. A few days later he was Embraced by Jeannne DuCouer and became a vampire of the Ventrue Anti-Tribu clan. He told his boys what he has become and promised his crew to make them immortal too.

David Loupon’s feeding restriction is that he must feed from teenage girls aged 13-19- a few of the girls at Cabaret Folichon fit that description, and he is thinking of making them part of his herd. David’s long term goals are to learn as much as he can about his vampiric state, and grow the strength of his motorcycle club.

Image: David Loupon has long hair and a beard. He looks very much like a stereotypical biker. He usually wears a leather vest with the cult insignia on its back. In colder weather he wears a denim jacket underneath the vest. He is armed with the club saber strapped to his back. He owns a soft tail Harley which is very loud and rumbling…..The girls love it.

Roleplaying: Alone or with his boys, he is wild and combative; however when in the presence of his sire he is much quieter and carries himself with a certain dignitas.

Haven David havens usually at the Club House in L’Ancienne Lorette, or Cabaret Folichon, but more recently he havens at times at the Cabaret Lady Anne.

David Loupon-The Wolf

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