Appointed as Bishop of the Unruly Coven of Neomads


Name: Sabine (Sara McConnell)
Chronicle: Quebec City By Night
Nature: Visionary
Demeanor: Architect
Concept: Shovel headed Suburbanite
Clan: Tzimice
Generation: 11th up from 13th via Diablerie
Sire: Unknown

Apparent Age:26
DOB: December 12 1964
RIP: Sept 12th 1990
Hair: Variable Usually Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5’3"
Nationality: Scottish-Irish
Sex: Female



Sara McConnell led a fairly normal life by most people’s standards. She had a husband and two kids in a nice suburban neighborhood outside of New York City. Sara was solidly middle class; her husband was a C.P.A and she was a homemaker, working part time volunteering cleaning a Catholic church. She was also very religious.

One night Sara was vacuuming the sanctuary, a man dressed as a priest, but she did not recognize him, ant thought he might be a visiting father. He asked only a few questions, but he had an unnerving effect upon her. He left shortly thereafter, but waylaid her, and led her to the graveyard where she received the Creation Rites that night. Since that time, she has come to accept her unlife in the Sabbat.

Early in her unlife, she would look in on her husband and children, but as she lost her humanity and time passed, she let them go. Her eldest daughter is now the age she was when she was Embraced. She quickly proved her cunning and brutality in the Jihad, and became a pack priest following the path of Caine, but she is still not a leader of her own pack which is what she craves.

Concept: Sabine is now a vampire through and through. She knows how to get the job done. She has developed her leadership abilities, and she is wise enough in intrigue to have achieved some degree of power.

Role in Pack/Coven: She is a good leader. She does not allow other Sabbat to get carried away by their emotions. If anything, she does not let them have the total freedom the Sabbat means to give them, and this tight rein could be what is holding you back from real leadership. She is well respected by almost all with in the pack; but she still does not have the support she needs to be a real leader. It is something she is working on.

Sabine owns a Cadillac and has her own private haven, though it is located near the communal haven. She also has a large quantity of cash. She carries no weapons most of the time, but does own a Tec 9 and a sawed off shotgun 20 gauge with double barrel which you carry into battle.


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