Welcome to Quebec City. . The city has been long the only Camarilla bulwark in the province of Quebec. Indeed just a few hundred miles west of Quebec City, on the St Lawrence seaway, looms the City of Dark Miracles, Montreal. The year is 2010, and the Sabbat will no longer endure Camarilla infiltration and a staging area for Camarilla attacks. Archbishop Carolina Valez has decreed a crusade in hopes that a quick victory there will bolster confidence in her leadership which has in recent years come into question. But Quebec City shall not fall so easily. The Original Three-the first kindred of Quebec City have put up a mighty resistance, but the tenacious Sabbat attacks have proven effective and now only one of the three still survives. Meanwhile, the new Toreador Justicar Annabelle Triabelle has arrived with her dwindling number of Archons to try and turn the tides of the raging jihad

In recent nights the appearance of a red star which appears more and more frequently forebodes the palliation of the vitae which afflicts the the lowest generations first wherein their mightiest disciplines fail, and their blood thins. It has been discovered that only the heart’s blood may provide a temporary surcease of the palliation. Diablerie which is rather addicting is now a necessity for some. Quebec City has become very dangerous indeed.

Quebec City By Night

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